Hobby Horse Division

The Hobby Horse Division

A fun division to celebrate the 10th Annual Race the Reserve.

Lasso your steeds, summon your unicorns, and round up your toy ponies – we’re adding a hobby horse division to the 5k and 10k  this year!

The challenge: run the entire race with your hobby horse in tow.

To support our riders and their steeds, we will have a corral at the start of the race, and veterinary support standing by.

Creativity is encouraged! Hobby horse aficionados take a lot of pride in the sport’s do-it-yourself attitude and we don’t expect anything less. 

The rules:

We will have special prizes for the top 3 (overall) hobby horse finishers in each race

Giddy up! (email racethereservewhidbeyisland@gmail.com) and give us a shout out on our Facebook page with a pic of you and your horse. 

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