2019 5K Course

Route Map


Route Elevation


Route Directions

  1. Head northwest toward SE Terry Rd
  2. Turn left onto SE Terry Rd
  3. Head west on SW Terry Rd toward S Ebey Rd
  4. Cross Terry Rd onto dirt trail along side grass lot
  5. Follow dirt trail along side of Ebeys Rd toward Hwy 20
  6. Turn left onto Kettles trail
  7. Head west on Kettles trail toward N Sherman Rd
  8. Turn left onto S Sherman Rd
  9. Head south on S Sherman Rd toward Cook Rd
  10. Slight right onto Cemetery Rd
  11. Head southwest on Cemetery Rd
  12. Turn left on trail toward Rebecca Dr.
  13. Head south toward W Rebecca Dr
  14. Head northeast on W Rebecca Dr toward Cook Rd
  15. Head southeast on Cook Rd toward Ebey’s Landing Rd
  16. Head northeast on S Ebey Rd toward SW Terry Rd
  17. Turn right onto SW Terry Rd
  18. Head east on SW Terry Rd toward S Main St
  19. Turn right into HS gym Parking lot

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