Half Marathon

Route Map

Route Elevation


Route Directions

  1. Start at the track
  2. Follow the track around and take a RIGHT off the track following the gravel drive past the baseball field towards Terry Road
  3. Take a LEFT on Terry Road
  4. Continue on Terry Road towards Hwy 20
  5. At stop sign, turn RIGHT onto paved trail
  6. Continue on paved trail until it ends, then turn RIGHT onto Rhododendron Trail
  7. At the end of the trail, turn RIGHT onto Patmore Road
  8. Turn LEFT onto Fort Casey Road
  9. Turn LEFT into the one-way lane just before the stop sign at Engle Rd and merge LEFT onto Engle
  10. Using the crosswalk, cross Engle Road and go through the main gate at the entrance to Fort Casey
  11. Turn LEFT onto the trail and unpaved drive behind Batteries Seymour and Schenck
  12. Turn RIGHT as the dirt drive intersects the paved campground road
  13. Turn LEFT as the trail separates from the roadway
  14. Turn LEFT where the trail joins a dirt service road beside the main office
  15. Turn LEFT onto the trail opposite the entrance to the 1918 Switchboard bunker and follow the signs along the upper level of the gun batteries
  16. Bear RIGHT on the trail with the fence on your left to follow the upper section of the bluff loop with the Admiralty Head Lighthouse in view
  17. Keep going forward on the trail towards the Lighthouse
  18. Continue the trail beside the Lighthouse and down to the boundary gate between Fort Casey State Park and Camp Casey.
  19. Follow the gravel trail, along the waterfront until you reach the housing. Veer to the right and follow the road until you reach the gravel trail that goes along Engle Road
  20. Stay on the gravel road until it ends and merge onto Engle Road
  21. Turn LEFT onto Hill Road
  22. Continue along Ebey’s Landing and up the hill onto Ebey Road
  23. Turn LEFT onto the grass trail in the field that takes you up the Bluff Trail
  24. At the top of the bluff (corner with interpretative sign) follow trail to the RIGHT to continue along the fence
  25. At the end of the Bluff Trail, veer LEFT through the opening in the fence and continue onto the Prairie Way gravel trail
  26. Upon reaching the parking lot/office, continue onto Cemetery Road
  27. Turn RIGHT onto the paved Cook Road
  28. Turn LEFT onto Ebey Road
  29. Turn RIGHT on Terry Road heading east
  30. At the crosswalk take a LEFT on the gravel drive by the parking lot and baseball field.
  31. Continue down the drive and RIGHT onto the track to the finish.

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